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Bran Castle, The Castle of Vlas Tepes

Bran accomodation - accomodation near Bran Castle Accomodation near Bran Castle 
Bran Castle is primarily known as the former residence of the prince Vlat Tepes.
The Castle was founded by german knight Dietrich, from where comes the name of Dietrichstein, which held a castle in time.

At first, the Castle was built of wood, but after the chase of Teutoni Knights from Barsei County, it was rebuilt in stone.
This stage was carried out between 1377-1382, the time of King Louis.

Bran Castle, situated on a stone of 60 m height, was conceived as a complex role with the military but also by acting as a customs house. Germans called it Toerzburg and Hungarians Toecsvar, from Turcului river flowing alongside him.

One time, Castle was held by Mircea the Elder, and then by his son Michael. Theirs succesors have lost it again.

  The Castle of Vlad Tepes
At the end of the XV century, King Vladislav sell the castle to Brasov City for 1000 florins.


Castle essential changes took place during 1622-1625, when it was built a new wing, after plans of the prince of Transylvania, Gabriel Bethlen.

After an ownership switch to the Austro-Hungarians, Bran falls back into the property of Brasov City. After the First World War, it was gived to Queen Mary of Romania as a summer residence.

As a curiosity, in the Castle courtyard, there is a fountain of 50 m deep, digged in rock.


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