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The Danube Delta, Natural Reservation

danube delta accomodation Danube Delta Accomodation 
The Danube Delta is a natural reservation, unique in Europe, having over 1200 species of plants, over 300 species of birds and over 100 species of fishes.

In the Danube Delta can be seen colonies of pelicans or other group of birds flocked together in the reed: common terns, herons, spoon bills, cormorants, eastern flossy ibises.

The Danube Delta gives over 50% of fresh-water fish production of Romania. There lives salt-water sturgeons (acipenser) like isinglass fish (Acipenser huso), Black Sea sturgeon, and stor sturgeon or fresh-water sturgeons like terlet (Acipenser ruthenus) and vyza.

Also, in the Danube Delta can be fished delightful species (at least for fishemans) like: river pirate (Esox lucius), waller (Silurus glanis), zander (Lucioperca sandra), crucian (Carassius vulgaris), perch (Perca) or bream (Abranis brama).
Water Lily From mammalian species, there can be seen: otter (Lutra vulgaris), wild boar (Sus scrofa), vixen (vulpes vulpes), hare, mink (Mustela lutreola), and from reptile species like: snake, adder or turtle.

Climate of Danube Delta is appropriate for turism, having a relatively large duration of sunshine: a mean of about 2250 hours on a year. Mean temperature is approximately 11 C degree (greather than annual mean in Romania).

The amount of precipitations is very small, the Danube Delta beeing the most droughty region in Romania.

Hydrographical network

As a curiosity: the Danube river springs in the Black Forest Mountains in Germany and it empties into the Black Sea near the Caraorman wood, that in Turkish means "Black Forest" too.
At the entrance in the Delta, near Patlageanca village, the Danube has a debit of 6470 cubic meters/second, similar to Volga, the main river in the Europe.
The three branches of the Dabube splits the debit in the following way: Chilia 58%, Sulina 19% and Sfantu Gheorghe 23%.

Danube Delta, Sulina Branch   Danube Delta, Boats   Fishing
The Chilia branch is the longest one, having 104 kilometers. Also it is the deepest one: it reaches 39 meters.
At the river mouth, there is another secundar delta that advances in the Black Sea by 40 meters on year.

The Sulina branch is the shortest (it is only 71 km long), is almost stright and is the best way to the sea. At the river mouth the alluvial deposit is made, forming a line in the sea, that is named "Bara Sulina".

The Bratul Sfantu Gheorghe branch is 102 km length and has a lot of meanders and at river mouth it forms some sand islands - Sacalin islands.

The most important lakes in the Danube Delta are: Bogdaproste, Dranov, Fortuna, Gorgova, Isac, Matita, Merhei, Obretin, Puiu, Puiulet, Rosu, Rucsca si Tatanir. In the south of the Delta is placed the Razim-Sinoe lagoon, a large cluster of lakes (approximately 700 skm), consisting in Razim, Sinoe, Zmeica and Golovita lakes.

The acces gate in the Danube Delta is the city of Tulcea, located at 277 km from Bucharest.


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